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Oct 16

“Winter’s Appeal by WashCraft – The Magic Hanger” in Delhi, NCR

Each year, hundreds of homeless people expire because of cold. A lot of families live in poverty and are not capable to purchase themselves clothing & shoes. Winters are forthcoming soon and Magic Hand needing a rapid and reasonably priced method to help them.
Lots of us have additional than what we actually require. In India, it’s an ordinary ritual to provide old clothes, leftover food, old notebooks, boxes etc to household helps and sometimes to the amount that the maids are receiving surplus of what they require.

A straightforward way to assist is to contribute these most required items to those who actually wanted it.

Magic Hand is a community of people that help needy ones by doing donation camps at rural and slum areas. They help them by collecting clothes and livelihood things that we collect from people who are willing to help. They at Magic Hand don’t believe in monetary donations, they just collect things from people that are useless from them and give it to the needy ones.

The Magic Hanger was functioning towards collecting a few clothes and food for the poor who contain forever been staying on the stinky lanes and unlocks sky in winters. They shall heartily like to implore you all to contribute a quantity of of your old clothes which are not been second-hand by you so remote which they can donate to disadvantaged ones through Magic Hand Foundation this time.

They also ensured that cash donations won’t be conventional at any point. All the items should be in working and wearable situation. Though, they encompass also system organization and washing facility in their dumping location but clean and functional donations will aid us in dipping categorization efforts and charge for “giving with dignity”.

They plead you all to contribute something kindly to the entire deprived one and plea the identical to at least 5 additional families and friends to be a division of “Joy of Giving” this festival season.

The volunteers shall bring together the stuff from the position at your ease or it may be sent on to-pay / paid base during courier (subject to preceding insinuation).

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