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Jan 07

Covington Who's Who Selects Christina DiArcangelo Puller as a Featured Member of the Executive and Professional Registry

Business Owner Christina DiArcangelo Puller recently formed a new clinical research organization called Affinity Bio Services.
Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO of Armonia Clinical Research and owner of CRO, CEO and Owner of Mindful Body and Soul, a wellness spa, CEO and owner of CDP Management Alliance, a small business management consulting company, and owner of DiArc Designs interior design company, recently formed a new clinical research organization called Affinity Bio Services.

As CEO and Founder of Affinity Bio Partners, LLC, the company is a premier provider of clinical research services. Innovation, strategy, and forward thinking are the qualities that set them apart from other clinical research organizations. Affinity Bio Partners, LLC is made up of skilled professionals that are visualizers and actualizers. They focus on their clients' goals as if they were theirs. Integration into their clients' teams is critical and essential. They ensure that creative and inspiring people join their clients' teams. Affinity Bio Partners works with their clients to deliver what was promised and cultivate the inner innovative leader with their team members.

Services offered include, but are not limited to, the following: Clinical Operations (Clinical Leads, Senior CRAs, Project Management, Clinical Study Assistants); Clinical Monitoring; Medical Writing; Study Start-Up Activities; Drug Safety; Clinical Quality Auditors; Clinical SOP Development, Training, and Implementation; Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence; Strategic C-Level Executive Leadership and Consulting; SOX Compliance Adherence & Preparation for Sponsors to go public; Site fiscal compliance and the National Coverage Decision; the impact on Sponsor timelines, budgets, and site agreements; Global SMO/Site Agreement, Investigator Initiated Study Negotiations, Management and Payment Services; Investigator Initiated/Sponsored Study Budgets and Contracts; Medicare Coverage Analysis and National Coverage Decision analysis; Global Outsourcing and Procurement Negotiations, Management and Payment Services, Service Provider Relationship Management/Governance and Functional Leadership; Development of SOP/Processes for Outsourcing and Site Contracting; Staff Recruitment; Meeting Planning Services.

"I am extremely excited to be launching my second CRO. Over the years, I have had the ability to work with so many sponsors. I look forward to the bright future Affinity Bio Partners will provide for many of our clients," Mrs. Puller said.

Mrs. Puller holds an AS in Business Administration from Lansdale School of Business, a Paralegal Certificate from Lansdale School of Business, and a BA in Organizational Management from Eastern University. She began her career in paralegal work in 1996 before transitioning into the biotech/pharmaceutical industry in 1999.

As owner of four businesses, a clinical research organization (CRO), a wellness spa, a small business management consulting company, an interior design business, and now a clinical research organization, Mrs. Puller is a very busy CEO. The CRO, Armonia Clinical Research, provides outsourcing, clinical contract negotiations, procurement, strategic sourcing, clinical staffing services, merger and acquisition due diligence, service provider relationship management, strategic leadership, staff recruitment, monitoring, clinical operations, medical writing, meeting planning, and clinical leadership for biotechs, and pharmaceutical companies and venture capital firms. Her wellness spa, Mindful Body and Soul, offers yoga, qi gong, belly dancing classes, nutrition, lymphatic drain massage, various forms of massage therapy, Reiki and cranial sacral therapy. Mindful Body & Soul prides itself in working with many oncology clients with their skilled professionals. Market America's Isotonix® products offer the fastest and most efficient delivery system of nutraceutical supplements.

Isotonix®, when used as directed, will provide the precise quantity of nutrients to the body needed so that the body receives the maximum results. Her small business management consulting company, CDP Management Alliance, provides management and strategic consulting services as well as leadership training and coaching for small businesses and college students, while her design company offers interior design for both commercial and residential properties as well as outdoor design of decks, patios, and BBQ pits.

Earning a Princeton Global Network Award in 2014 and named a Featured Member of Covington Who's Who, Mrs. Puller has become a leader in the biotech industry in outsourcing and strategic management. She has worked on many projects, and as a result has had a large amount of staff that she has developed and continues to do so. Currently, she is an active member of Eastern University Alumni Association and is an executive board member with Stepping Into Your Destiny and Phoenixville Alumni Association and serves as the Chair of the Development Committee. Mrs. Puller also donates time and resources for many clinical research related charities through her CRO and wellness spa.

For more information about Affinity Bio Partners, LLC, visit or email them directly at For more information about Mindful Body & Soul, visit For more information about DiArc Designs, visit

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