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Jul 07

Harjes Downer Appoints Anton Wang to Board of Directors

Robust industry experience as well as charitable work the key consideration during the selection process.
Harjes Downer, an independent investment management firm committed to enabling clients to become high-performance businesses, today announced that Anton Wang has been appointed to the Company's Board of Directors and Risk Oversight Committee, effective immediately.

Mr. Wang had a decade-long career in the Investment Banking arm of an industry-leading bank, where he served as Head of the Fixed Income Division. Other leadership positions included Head of Emerging Markets, and the Head of Financial Products, which housed his previous firm's derivative businesses. Prior to joining Harjes Downer, Mr. Wang was as an economist at a major European Financial institution, served as a consultant to the governmental Economic organizations, and was a visiting scholar for a number of institutions both public and private.

"As an industry veteran, Anton Wang has a deep understanding of financial markets and is an expert at evaluating and managing risk," said Vince Chia, Chief Executive Officer of Harjes Downer. "His insight and experience will serve our Company, our customers, and our owners well. On the behalf of Harjes Downer I wish him a highly successful appointment and a rewarding professional journey to match his spotless track record."

Mr. Wang is currently the CEO of a private Advisor team, a registered Investment Advisor he founded to provide investment and risk management advice to select financial institutions. Mr. Wang is a member of various charities across the world and has been noted for his philanthropic potential as a suitable replacement for Zhen Teo, Harjes Downer’s Head of Public Engagement, who will be retiring in the course of the year to come.

About Harjes Downer
Harjes Downer is an independent investment management firm. Our mission is to provide investment solutions offering superior returns through investments with small and mid-cap local operating partners. We direct all of our intellectual capital, global strength and operational stability toward helping investors achieve their long-term financial objectives in a customized format tailored to address each client’s needs. Beyond market and technical knowledge, energy and passion combine to create Harjes Downer's portfolios of investments. We pride ourselves on enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering exceptional value.
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