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Oct 16

In Conversation with Tim Entwisle: Where Do Tender Proposals Go Wrong?

Recently at a Business Communications Seminar, we had the opportunity to converse with Tim Entwisle, Director of Madrigal Communications.
Entwisle have over three decades of experience in communications, infrastructure and project management. He has extensive experience in tender writing and has worked for Government organisations, corporate clients, small businesses and more.

He was kind enough to share his views on why certain tender proposals fail to create an impact.

“Paying attention to tenders is crucial for winning contracts that will help you grow and sustain your business. When so much relies on the tender proposal, it’s not something you can take lightly.” says the expert.

He continues,” Many people tend to include every detail they can in their tender proposals. Or use too many technical terms. Both of these things can easily backfire. A complicated, lengthy, jargon-filled proposal is not going to perform well.

When writing a tender response, you should focus on clarity and comprehensibility. The easiest way to do this is by putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Try to understand the evaluator’s expertise and use a language that they will easily comprehend.”

He further explains,” That being said, don’t submit a tender proposal that’s simply boring. You can use simple words and yet draft an engaging proposal. Using an active voice is always advised.”

“Even if you’re a decent writer, it takes time to find your feet with tender writing. To enhance your organisation’s capabilities, I would suggest budding tender writers to sign up for tendering writing courses and training. Learning from experts will help you avoid mistakes and draft proposals that work”, concludes the expert.
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