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Feb 08
2019 Launches Call Centre Services Designed Specifically for the Hospitality Industry, an Outsourced Multilingual Sales and Customer Contact Solutions company with a strong record, is creating an upward curve for hotels, resorts and other vacation accommodations globally with a set of tailored call centre services., one of the world’s leading Outsourced Multilingual Sales and Customer Contact Solutions companies, has recently unleashed a full continuum of call centre services tailored to the global hospitality industry. The progressive move aims to boost the direct bookings by 400%, conversions by 6 to 10 folds and new revenue by 65 to 90% for hotels across all scales and geographies. The newly introduced service portfolio is backed by 24/7 services, strong quality focus, and a multi-lingual, seasoned staff.

The company spokesperson of stated, “Small and mid-sized hotels are plagued by resource crunch, preventing them from employing additional workforce to attend customer calls during work hours and beyond. The unanswered or poorly answered calls cost the hotel in credibility, new business and future prospects. Here, our call centre services step in, providing hotels, resorts and other vacation accommodations with real-time interactive, consultative assistance. The bottom line is to ensure higher conversions through round the clock tailored responses.”, the pioneer in live chat support, leads the way in integrating it with the overall customer care mix to deliver value for the hospitality sector. The live chat agents are tasked with knowing the visitor’s exact needs and tailoring the hotel’s existing promotions, upgrades and perks accordingly. This personalised approach translates into increased direct bookings and decreased reliance on online travel agency that takes a heavy toll on the hotel’s earnings. The rate parity agreement is always upheld, hedging client hotels against any cost escalation.

The spokesperson further stated, “Notwithstanding the resources spent on retargeting, bringing back a potential client who has abandoned the website is a tall order. With this in perspective, we interact with each ‘fence sitter’ to assist him in choosing the client hotel suiting his needs. Our experts engage the visitor in a conversation to know what hinders him/her and do the needful to close the booking. They walk the client through the booking process or may complete it on his/her behalf, making him/her feel special. The human touch always works.”

The live chat experts also engage in the role of a concierge, assisting the client in booking transportation, arranging local visits and coordinating other services. Requests for dining and event ticket reservations are entertained, and arrangements for local commutation and sightseeing are also made upon the client’s behest. Hotels seeking to outsource customer support can also expect dedicated customer support and competitive and transparent pricing with

Headquartered in Las Vegas with a regional office in India, is an Outsourced Multilingual Sales and Customer Contact Solutions company driven by creativity and innovation. The company works closely with the client organisation, delivering enhanced customer experiences, increased productivity, and time-bound results cost-effectively.
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