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Feb 08

TKG Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on Transforming Businesses with Litigation Finance: Tips and Strategies Uncovered!

The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, announced today that it has scheduled a live webcast entitled: “Transforming Businesses with Litigation Finance: Tips and Strategies Uncovered!”. This one-and-a-half-hour event is scheduled on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 12:00pm - 2:00 pm (ET)
Event Synopsis:

Over the years, companies and large corporations around the globe have not been giving enough attention to the continuously growing industry of litigation finance. This type of funding serves as a transformative financial tool used by in-house legal teams and law firms in pursuit or defense of claims with value to the business, whilst ensuring improved accounting outcomes and reducing unwanted costs and risks. Thus, completely changing the way lawsuits are financed.

However, the opportunities in venturing into the litigation financing market do not come without risks. Companies, organizations and their in-house legal teams should have a complete understanding of the fundamentals and legal framework of litigation finance and keep themselves abreast of the current developments surrounding this industry.

In this LIVE Webcast, a seasoned panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group will help the audience understand the fundamentals of litigation finance. They will go beyond the basics and provide insights into the recent trends and developments surrounding this significant topic. They will also present key risk mitigation strategies and techniques to avoid potential risks and regulatory pitfalls.

Key topics include:
• The A-Z of Litigation Financing
• Opportunities and Pitfalls
• Ethical and Legal Considerations
• Litigation Finance Disclosure
• Recent Trends and Developments
• How It Transforms Your Business

Speakers/Faculty Panel:
Argo Partners
Benjamin Ruzow
Vice President of Litigation Funding

Curiam Capital LLC
Molly L. Pease
Managing Director

Bentham IMF
Paul S. Rand
Investment Manager and Legal Counsel

Themis Legal Capital
Edward A. Reilly, Jr.
Co-founder & Principal

For an updated list of the faculty panel, please visit:

About The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series
The Knowledge Congress was established with the mission to produce unbiased, objective, and educational live webinars that examine industry trends and regulatory changes from a variety of different perspectives. The goal is to deliver a unique multilevel analysis of an important issue affecting business in a highly focused format. To contact or register to an event, please visit:
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