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Jan 02

Y-Axis launches new Visa product for Entrepreneurs to South Australia

Y-Axis has launched a new Visa product for Entrepreneurs to South Australia – “Subclass 408 SISA: Supporting Innovation in South Australia”. It is an exclusive product for Entrepreneurs.
Y-Axis Director Ms. Caroline Bradshaw has said that SISA requires the overseas entrepreneurs to have an innovative idea supported by a business plan. They must apply for a Provisional Visa for building their venture in South Australia, added Ms. Bradshaw.
Subclass 408 SISA is for talented overseas budding entrepreneurs. It is for those who possess an innovative entrepreneurial concept or idea. This includes those who are working on a pioneering budding stage business preferably with MVP (Minimum Viable Product). They must also have a level of market fit or traction. The Entrepreneurs must be intending to develop this concept or idea and build their business in South Australia.

Australia promotes talented and successful business people to invest or own a business in Australia. They can thus benefit from the vast opportunities that the nation has to offer.

The Land Down Under is a stable, ethnically diverse and democratic nation. It has a highly skilled labor force and is currently the longest recession-free economy in the world. The nation has a rich ancient culture and outstanding landscapes. It is the 6th largest nation in land area and the only country to govern a complete continent.

Entrepreneurs who invest and start a business overseas can benefit from higher returns. They can lead a better quality of life. Y-Axis offers Entrepreneur Advisory Report - EAR for aspiring overseas entrepreneurs. EAR includes parameters for eligibility, occupational profiles, and nation profiles. This is based on our vast experience with several successful profiles, their documents, and deliverables.

Entrepreneur /Investor Visas permit you to invest in an overseas nation and you can settle permanently. Some of the visas that we offer include Canada Investor Visa, Australia Investor Visa, Ireland Immigrant Investor Program, and UK Tier 1 Investor Visa.

About Y-Axis:
Y-Axis is India’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Consultant and presumably the world’s largest B2C immigration firm. Established in 1999, our 40+ company owned and managed offices across India, Dubai, London, Partner Offices in Melbourne & New Zealand and 1100+ employees have served over 100,000 happy customers. More than 50% of our customers are from word-of-mouth. We have till date counseled 1,000,000 clients since our inception in 1999.

We also support two charitable organizations: ‘Heal A Child’ and ‘Know More School’.
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